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Beware of SEO Marketing Hype

Are you about to use a SEO expert because of marketing hype? Beware!
Day after day, you may see marketing hype asking you to use vps hosting company XYZ as your SEO source for better search engine results.   Today, everyone is an SEO expert. These hype sources often assure you of page one results.   Some assure you more hits.     These sources may show you lists of past clients with "wonder results."   Beware, make sure this is not hype.   

Create Valuable External Links to Your Site; Blogging

Creating external links to your site is important to your site value, and you can just create a xternal link using cheapest unlimited web hosting but, it is a long term process. Once you start, keep it up. Every external link will improve the value of your website and potentially improve your sales. 
Some of the method for creating external links to your site include:

How can I add a popup PDF to my Point 2 site?

Whether you consider this convenient, or fast enough, you can use javascript to do the job. You can either use embed as I will do in the following sample, or you can use an iframe to google document viewer.

If you have no other solution, and you need it, try something of this nature ... load your pdfs on a hidden reports page. Identify the address the pdfs are being stored and use a variation on the following script:

<script type="text/javascript">
function popUp()

How can I get more traffic from Google??

To get more traffic, you need to know more about cheap vps web hosting and think more like your visitor and more like Google. The artistry of the site is less important than the content. While artistry may be important at some level, it is far less important than your site content. What is keeping people from your site may be several things, among the items is the market as it existed last year, another item is whether Google returns you as the result of a search.

Are you considering using Google Adwords???

Are you considering Google Adwords as a marketing method? 

Understanding Long Tail Keywords

If someone searches for "homes in Bonners Ferry," that would be a simple search (it might be called a shorttail query). Frequently, as people get more focused on what they want, they stretch the length of the query.

An example of a longtail search might be "2 story homes in Bonners Ferry." Perhaps someone is looking for "Riverfront acreage near Bonners Ferry". Another example, 2 story riverside property near Bonners Ferry"

Understanding External Back links

Today, Let's tackle external back links and try to understand how they help us. This article may have more concepts than solutions. You need concepts before you may accept the solution. I will make suggestions later.

Understanding Internal and External Links for SEO

Bear with me. I am going to ramble a bit, cover lots of ground and eventually answer your question. I think your question is asking about external links to your site, but, I am going to wander a bit and discuss internal links, external links, text anchors and eventually long tail keywords.

First, I'd like to suggest that you do not have to have all links go back to you first page. Google can consider any page on your site important and any page can turn up on page one of search results.

Warning: Remove canonical URLs from your site.

That means, don't have two or more domain names assigned to your site unless the extras have been defined as a "301 permanent redirect" to the other domain name. Google does not like sites with duplicate content. Google looks at each of the sites at the end of each domain URLs, sees the same content and assumes that there each site is duplicating content. If one is not a permanent redirect to the other domain name Google does not like duplicate content and one of the sites will get slapped ways down in the Google search results, sometimes both are slapped down.

Interested in Keyword Phrases for Real Estate Sites?

If you are interested in learning what keyword phrases are being typed in Googles to look for real estate websites in your area, try looking at:

A good way to start is: